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Confident Investor

Client Goals:

To delegate investment decisions to a trusted advisor who has the experience and resources to manage investments in clients’ best interest, in line with their goals.

These clients see investment management as a way to reach financial goals, but free up time.

investor looking at stock charts on computer

Our Investment Management clients seek only investment services through a fee-based investment account.

We will review goals and risk tolerance parameters, as well as maintain all aspects of the investment accounts. We will provide an annual investment review to make sure your goals are still aligned with your investment strategies.

Annual Advisor Asset Management Fees*:

$150k-$250k: 1.15%

$250k-$500k: 1.05%

$500k-$1mm: 1.00%

$1mm-$2mm: 0.95%

$2mm : Negotiable

*Additional platform and strategist fees may apply